Airport City: Airline Tycoon 7.1.27 Apk  s a beautifully thought-out game with HD graphics in the style of brain teasers for Android. With this game, you’ll be able to build your own airport and hundreds Fly to heaven!

One of the most popular Android games, the game has two different modes; the player can build a very modern airport first, build a city to support the airport and be fascinated for hours.

As you manage your airport in this game, you will send many planes to different parts of the world, meet many lovely characters and collect various items from all over the world and make the game more exciting. The game has great graphics compared to its low volume.

Features Of Airport City: Airline Tycoon 7.1.27:

  • Ability to build different niches and bands by the player
  • Possibility to send different planes to this corner of the globe
  • Gather achievements to unlock new destinations and buy new aircraft types
  • Ability to import different sexes from distant lands into the country
  • Meet lovely characters during the game
  • Raising profits from commercial buildings and upgrading metropolitan infrastructure
  • Ability to build a variety of commercial and residential buildings with the ability to decorate the player
  • Simple interface and addictive gameplay with superb graphics and high quality sounds
  • Most importantly being free to play!

    New Update Of Airport City: Airline Tycoon 7.1.27 Features:

  • A new school year is starting: make experiments at the University, collect Lab Flasks and exchange them for Armillary Sphere, School for Gifted Children, and other buildings at the special store. Master all the sciences and get the Temple of Knowledge as a reward!
  • We’ve fixed and improved the things that needed fixing and improving. Thank you for flying with us!