Badland Brawl apk  is an incredibly beautiful, special and popular strategy game from Frogmind Game Studio for Android devices. By installing Badland Brawl on your tablet or Android phone, you can experience a fun strategy-adventure game with stunning two-dimensional graphics and gameplay that is very similar to Clash Royale.

In Badland Brawl you also have cards for each of your combat units and you can bring your own units to the battlefield, the only difference with the Royal Clash game is that the units move horizontally. !

Adopting a proper combat tactic and using units that can cover each other very well is important in the game, you must eventually bring down the enemy tower; do you think you can handle it ?! If you’re a fan of strategy games, the Badland Brawl is undoubtedly an addictive gameplay with stunning HD graphics and great sound and it’s worth a try.

Badland Brawl Apk Features:

Game features include the ability to engage in online battles with users around the world, engaging and addictive gameplay, the possibility of group attack and the use of chain reaction capability to excel at enemy forces, the presence of hundreds of lovely characters , Mentioned the possibility of forming a group and working with friends, participating in friends’ struggles and making it great. You’ll be able to see images and video of the gameplay first.

Badlan Brawl Last update Features:

  • -New Brawl Pass with new rewards
  • – Balanced Clones
  • – Bug fixes
  • – Stability fixes
  • – Tweaked menus

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