Berlin Scooter 1.3.2 Apk is the name of a fun, action and entertaining game from Lololand that was published on Google Play for $ 3.49. The game has a fun adventure for its audience.

You play the role of a penguin named Ping, traveling with his dog Mika to Germany and want to visit Berlin! When you reach this city, it’s not long before a big monkey named Kong near you escapes from a movie spot (possibly another King Kong episode) and goes crazy! He reaches out to you and kidnaps your dog due to an unknown Mika.

Kong also abducts an ancient artifact from the statue of Noufretah the wife of Pharaoh the Great of Egypt (Akhenaten) from the National Museum of Berlin. Now you have to be the hero of the storyline penguin on your scooter and chase this monkey quickly to save Mika and the ancient statue!

But your job will not be easy. Along the way there are a variety of challenges, such as obstacles that slow down and make it difficult for you to move. Kong’s character also tries to prevent you from doing so. For example, he throws big objects at you or destroys your path so you won’t be able to follow him. But the hero penguin is more clever and intelligent than a monkey can stop him! As for the design and graphics of the game, it can be said that the Berlin Scooter game is made to an acceptable level.

Berlin Scooter 1.3.2 Features:

  • HD graphics with interesting animations
  • Travel to the beautiful city of Berlin
  • Action gameplay and adventure with lots of chase
  • There are interesting characters like penguins, dogs and a crazy monkey
  • There are 15 stages in different locations in Berlin such as airport, museum, Berlin wall and so on
  • Ability to mount various things like scooter, balloon, cleaning machine, subway train, boat and many others
  • There are different kinds of challenges and obstacles

Berlin Scooter 1.3.2 New Update Features:

* Reduce the degree of difficulty of the first 5 steps
* Added Autosave feature in between steps


Download this great game and tell us your opinion on comments 🙂 …