Black Desert Mobile 4.1.76 Apk Mod is the name of the Korean version of the popular Black Desert Online game PEARL ABYSS from South Korea, which was released in May 2017 through the Steam Store for PCs and after nearly 3 years, the mobile version It was also rebuilt by the same port maker to bring the unmatched quality and excitement of the game to smartphones this time!

Black Desert Mobile is actually one of the best graphics games made. The graphics and design details of this game are even better than many of the 7th generation console games! Numerous optimizations of these designs have made the game just like a console title.

The result of this effort was a controversial, well-built and professional game. It should be said that in the development of this game every item and element that can make a game a powerful and popular title has been used. PEARL ABYSS claims that the graphics for the mobile version are almost identical to the original. While the original version of the game is an eighth generation.

Black Desert Mobile 4.1.76 Apk Features:

The adventures of the Black Desert Mobile game take place in a fantasy and fantasy world. There are heroes and supernatural beings in the world in which she works. At the beginning of the game you have to choose the character you want from a few main characters that are categorized in different classes. After choosing your character, you can completely personalize it!

This part of the game is amazing and unique! You can manage your personality, from hairstyles, eyebrows, face, eyes, etc. to colors, coatings and accessories. In this section the game view is zoomed in so players can see the full details. In this case you will understand the level of graphics in this game! Once you’ve completed the necessary customizations, you can enter the game world of Open World and explore different lands and perform many missions.

There are lots of features and items in the gameplay section. For example, you can ride on horseback and speed or find legendary weapons and find specific missions by finding a variety of resources. You can build your own campsite and do many extras such as fishing or raising wild animals. The game also has a section on PvP competitions under development. Black Desert Mobile is a highly professional and high level game with all these features and different parts.

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