Brawl Stars 26.184 is the latest game by Supercell for Android, which finally came out on Google Play Store For Free. And we decided to present to you this time as fastest we can.

In the game Brawl Stars 24.184 you compete with online users from all over the world, extraordinary and exciting competitions in the 3v3 battles! There are a wide variety of heroes with unique and unique powers in the game that you can use in your battles. There are several different modes available for you to choose from and get busy! In each of these modes, special missions are waiting for you!

Like other action games – the strategic camera shows you the character from the top and comes with a joystick embedded on the left side of the screen and you can hit the phone with gunfire to users around the world for hours!

Features of Brawl Stars 26.184 :

  • Action packed brawls.
  • Team up with friends.
  • Unlock new brawlers.
  • Multiple game modes.

Brawl Stars 26.184 Update Changes:

  • – Collect more than 30 new gadgets
  • – Gadgets add new abilities to each Brawler
  • – Obtainable for Brawlers Power 7+
  • – Rarity: Super Rare
  • – Type: Heavyweight
  • – Range: Short
  • – Her Jackhammer attacks damage enemies close to her!
  • – New Skins
  • – Map Changes
  • – New Environment
  • – New Underdog System
  • – … and more!

New Features

  • – Star Powers: Collect new exciting Star Powers for each Brawler!
  • – Star Points: New Currency for advancing in the game, adding new purchasable rewards.