Cavernaut 1.0.7 Apk is the name of an awesome, simple, yet super cute and entertaining arcade style game. Cavernaut is an independent game that was released in 2013 for the PC platform via a small startup. Nearly a year later, its iOS version was released. And after some time, its Android version was available at the Google Play Store.

This cute and lightweight game can, at the same time, be a challenging task for hours and hours of fun. Even for the sake of challenging challenges, the caveman game is an option to compete with friends for more points. This game is an amazing arcade action, adapted from the old classics, which can also serve as a nostalgic game for you.

In the game of your caveman you are in the role of a group of people who ride on an unplugged planet. A strange planet driven by aliens. When you enter this planet, you are drawn to the depths of the underlying layers. There are thousands of paths in your cave. It looks like you’ve become a hunt for aliens. From now on, your only task is to get the spaceship out of these layers.

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But this is not an easy task. These twisted caves are equipped with all kinds of deadly traps. From bombs and mines to space to the walls of the caves, the laser destroyer system and deadly blades! You must pass your ship through a twisted path without any collision with other objects and go through obstacles and go to the higher parts. But more challenges await you. For example, your ship’s fuel will be extinguished and you have to get to the next fuel station more quickly before your fuel ends.

Features Of Cavernaut 1.0.7 Apk :

  • Neoteric graphics and interesting and lovely designs featuring classic gameplay
  • Fun and addictive and at the same time challenging and competitive gameplay
  • Travel to an unknown planet with thousands of caves in you
  • Trying to escape the planet in an arcade game
  • The presence of crystals and special privileges throughout the stages
  • Possibility to find and collect items of ancient and valuable foreigners
  • There are several types of barriers, traps and deadly equipment against you
  • The possibility of purchasing better equipment like armor, bigger fuel tank and more
  • Design new and different routes each time playing the game
  • Ability to refuel from refueling stations
  • Comfortable and Controller Controller But Hard and Challenging Handling
  • Possibility to upgrade the spaceship
  • Low volume, no ads and executable without the need for internet

Cavernaut 1.0.7 Apk Changes:

* Fix game bugs
* Supports devices and new versions of Android OS.