Clash of Kings 5.34.0 Apk is one of the most popular strategic games from Elex’s Play Studio. And releasead for free on Google Play, to date, the game has been downloaded more than 100M time.

In this game, like other strategic games such as the Colossus, you have to build with the tools available for a unique village, boom it up and win over other villages in different wars, and in different wars between tribes with Get out of the win. You have the ability to build your own village and empire with your own taste. Of course, the building of the village is not so easy, because when there is a shortage of tools, different enemies will attack you, which should be with your strangers Suppress and …!

If you are interested in strategic games and are looking for one of the best and most popular of this genre, do not miss out Clash of Kings 5.34.0 Apk because of the HD graphics; superb sound; great design of animations and overall builds.

Features Of Clash of Kings 5.34.0 Apk:

  • Participate in online multiplayer battles
  • Build your powerful empire to battle with others
  • Collect various resources to increase your strength
  • Defend the empire with a variety of different weapons and weapons
  • Purchasing various types of equipment for increased skill
  • Having an HD graphics with exciting sound
  • Support multi language.

Clash of Kings 5.34.0 Apk Last Update Changes:

  • Inescapable event
  • Alliance Rapid Monster Kill event start within a limited time. Kill monsters, unlock individual and alliance points rewards and ranking rewards!
  • Post Station View event
  • Visit the Post Station, get rewards and treasure chests, the ranking treasure chest rewards will be announced the next day!
  • Function optimization and adjustment:
  • World Cup Safe Zone Regulation adjustment:
  • World Cup player list lock time adjustment:
  • Gender selection
  • New player area

What are you waiting for ? Download Clash of kings 5.34.0 apk for free with its last update from our fasterst servers!

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