Dead Spreading:Idle Game 0.41 Apk is a fun and entertaining strategy game from the Potting Mob gaming studio. The game is available for free at Google Play Store, and now available on ApkFive + Mod. Enjoy Dead Spreading: Idle Game on your Android Device. Enjoy a fun strategy game with stunning 3D graphics in cartoon style, top-down angle, exciting gameplay and zombie theme!

Save the survivors as the main character and bring them to your group to fight alongside you and the zombies! A wide variety of zombies are in front of you and you must stand in front of them all and shoot them down one after another!

It is up to you to pick the characters to fight the zombies; make them the most productive and get the most coins and resources you can! Multiply the power of the zombies by destroying the zombies and getting them to cast their anger on the characters to reap the zombies for you! Drag the zombies on the one hand, and on the other hand, be aware of your base!

The game is very excited download it now and discover this new gameplay for free on ApkFive!

 Apk Features:

The general features of the game can include different characters, fighting a wide variety of zombies, the availability of different equipment and weapons, super beautiful design with exciting sound, addictive gameplay and build Well pointed out!

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