Dota Underlords 1.0 Apk are the titles of a game from the DOTA world, one of the most famous and most popular strategic games of the last two decades.

Dota Underlords is actually a game independent of the DOTA series of games, which is now open for Android for mobile phones and tablets for the first time, except the PC platform and game consoles. Mobile version of Dota Underlords released for free on Google Play.

In this game you travel to a world of paranormal. A world in which the types and varieties of heroes and legendary creatures in the small and large groups are competing with each other.

You should not be left behind. You need to create a monopoly union by collecting and serving different heroes, and with the help of the heroes you have, go to enemies and try to win. During the game you can upgrade your heroes and characters.

Although the whole of the game relates to the contests and battles between different unions and cultures, there is a story behind these rumors. According to the game Dota Underlords, there are several underground lands in the DOTA world. One of the best of these lands is the White Spire.

This area is attractive to many of the DOTA World Heroes because of its attractive features. The White Spire is home to many species and races, and for the sake of order and law, it has never been in an atmosphere of chaos and chaos. But unfortunately, one day, the leader of the land, Momma Eeb, was respected by all the inhabitants of this land and the surrounding lands.

V1.0 version changes:

* Publish the first trial version (Early Access)