Forge of Empires Apk is a popular, interesting and super cute game featuring a unique strategy game genre from InnoGames GmbH for Android, and released for free on Google Play and up to this day more than 50 million download by Android users, across the globe.


With the Forge of Empires you take on beautiful city control and eventually become the leader of a developing country! Lead your country from time to time, get new technology, expand your empire, and create an epic story. Enter other battles with other players and prove your abilities as a desperate commander and a king! The Forge of Empires game is based on the success story of the same name that was released by InnoGames for the browser in 2012. The Forge of Empires 2013 won the Best Computer Games Award for Browsers in Germany and is now up for Android.


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Some of the features of Forge of Empires :

  • Create a unique city and expand and manage it
  • Possibility to use resources to build various tools
  • The possibility of access to new technologies and the construction of new buildings and facilities
  • Opportunity to trade with your neighbors
  • Discovering new territories and taking control of them
  • Ability to capture enemy territories through negotiation or war
  • Extremely beautiful design with thrilling sound
  • Addictive and engaging gameplay

Forge of Empires is now in good quality, rated for 4.4 of 5.0 in Google Play. which we have published this game for free on our website! In the end, the Forge of Empires game has been tested by us and run healthy.