Fortnite 12.50.0 13179981-Android APK Battle Royale is a game of adventures and action, gained millions of players on iPhone devices and then released Fortnite for free on Android devices, you can download it from ApkFive website for free.

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Fortnite Battle Royale 12.50.0 13179981-Android is one of the most popular games, best known as a survival and action game from Epic Games, originally released for home consoles (ps4, xbox) , then Epic Games release a version of Android .

As always, we have decided to publish it as soon as possible and you will be a lover of the game and the style of survival!

Fortnite 12.50.0 13179981-Android Apk style is exactly the same as Free Fire Apk, in which you are in the role of a person who is a collective of 100 people and you have to live alone on an island! With a wide range of weapons, you can defend yourself, take advantage of different vehicles, get shelter in different homes and places, and just try to stay alive and stay the last person by doing different things. That is amazing! If you are an enthusiast and lover of battle royale games, Fortnite best choice for you.

Fortnite 12.50.0 13179981-Android Apk is unfortunately not being offered to Google Play for 30% of its revenue by Google Play, and apparently we are not going to see this beautiful and popular game on Google Play, so Epic Games Fortnite is only available on the main site And its official release and has asked users of Android devices to download it official site! In the same vein, we have decided to get the official version of the game from Epic Games servers due to your many requests and then upload it directly to the high speed Apkfive servers! You’ll be able to see images and video of Fortnite gameplay first and then download it with one click from the site’s high-speed servers.


Features Of Fortnite 12.50.0 13179981-Android Apk:

The game has many advantages that captures the attention of those who try it for the first time, as well as the viewer itself, like:

  • The possibility of building your forts and castles, to be able to defeat all enemies, and anyone who thinks of attacking you.
  • Chatting with friends, anytime, even when playing.
  • feel the game like real , because you can change the shape and appearance of the character, or cutting clothes, and other events.
  • Fortnite is fortified with a superb Microtransaction system, which has no impact on the game’s path, but its effect is on the exterior of the game only.
  • Provide the game with new maps, to suit the areas or islands in which the player falls.

Some Disadvantages of Fortnite 12.50.0 13179981-Android Apk :

  • The game needs a lot of space
  • The game needs a high screen, a powerful processor, and high device capabilities
  • You must connect to the Internet, to be able to play

The most common games among war game addicts:

Download Fortnite game for Android and join more than two hundred and fifty million players around the world. It was previously available to play only in Playstation and Xbox, but Epic Games Studios made it now available for Android mobile devices.

They excelled in preserving the scenes and original details of the game as much as possible, which made the version available on Google Play not very different from the version played by those who own Play Station and Xbox.

Fortnite enables you to construct forts and shelters:

One of the most important things that distinguishes Fortnite from other Battle Royale games is that you can build fortresses on your playing area in order to collect ammunition and hide from enemies, but you will have to collect construction equipment such as stairs and walls.

An invisible barrier increases your enthusiasm:

Download fortnite apk and get the character of excitement and suspense that there is an invisible barrier, all that passes time narrows the players more and more. And it does not allow you to stay in a place for a long time, but it forces you to be constantly moving and fight the rest of the players.

This is how the gameplay is concerned. As for the game design itself, I had great graphics in both the computer version and the Android version alike.

All these possibilities are offered to you completely free of charge without paying one dollar unless you want to buy some holdings for the player who represents you inside the game, there are in the store some clothes with great designs and some modern shoes.

Currently, Epic Games studio is seeking to unify the game software to make all players in one battlefield, whether they play Fortnite from the computer, PS4 or Android.

Fortnite Apk has become a modern combat games professionals and games programmers in the year of its release, which is 2018.

The game begins with the sudden appearance of a storm that causes the disappearance of ninety-eight percent of the world’s population and finds before you a group of zombies, strange creatures, who are preparing to attack the remaining survivors.

Then you start building forts, building buildings, collecting weapons and ammunition to eliminate them, and during the game, you get rewards as a result of killing these creatures.

You and your friends can enjoy greatly with Fortnite on all smartphones, by playing in a squad, defeating the powerful enemy, collecting many weapons and ammunition as you can, and building beautiful castles to protect you, all of this for free

So what are you waiting for ? Download Fortnite 12.50.0 apk for free and tell us your opinion on comments… 🙂