Free Fire 1.47.0 APK is a new popular game from GARENA STUDIO. The game is a battle royale one where you should combate with your competitor to save your life. Get weapons and medkits to survive! And the last one a life ? Wins the match “BOOYAH”. Download this game with its last update now!

Here you’ll find a very dynamic gameplay, which always requires you to shoot and fight actively. To get a chance to win, you need to think through good tactics, study the map of the area well and store good weapons, as well as shields. Besides the fact that you need to constantly defend or battle with other players, you also need to avoid dangerous areas, which reduces the entire map during the game. Once in this area, your hero will lose health and may die if he does not leave the affected area in time.

The graphics are so impressive and devlopped in a good way in the last updates from Garena. Same thing for the sound.

Free Fire 1.47.0 Apk Gameplay:

Once the game starts, you will need to create your own profile. Here you can choose the name and clothes for him. There are a lot of groups in the game. We recommend that you do not use very bright shades in your photo, since such clothes can attract the attention of other opponents. For example, in a bright yellow outfit, you’ll become an excellent target for snipers hiding on the island hills. All clothes that you can buy for in-game currency.

The rewards depends not only on victory, but also on the number of participants killed during the match.

After creating your profile, click start and they will transfer you to a special training room, where you can train your skills and use different types of weapons. Then, according to the classics of this genre, you will find yourself on a plane with other participants and will ascend to the battlefield. After landing on the island in your arsenal will be your chosen equipment and knife. With these weapons, you cannot stretch for long, so you should immediately look for good weapons. This should be done very carefully, as other players will try to destroy you from behind.

Try to find good weapons and armor as quickly as possible, move carefully around the locations to get the “BOOYAH”

Adventure and fighting games have become a major part of our lifes so we have provided you one of the strongest fighting games and adventure to live the imagination, you will fight enemies from all sides without escape from the battlefield, And you will get many gifts and rewards if you win the match.

Experience and battling games have become a significant piece of our lifes so we have given you one of the most grounded battling games and experience to live the creative mind, you will battle adversaries from all sides without escape from the war zone, And you will get numerous endowments and prizes on the off chance that you dominate the game.

Free Fire 1.47.0 Apk Features:

  • Design accuracy: Free Fire features precise designs and 3D characters.
  • Rewards: After completing each match you will receive a reward.
  • After the download of Free Fire apk you will enjoy greatly during the game and you will be dragged by imagination towards the battlefield.
  • Free Fire features delicate designs and 3D characters.
    Rewards: After completing every war mission, you will receive a financial reward or weapons.
  • After downloading Free Fire apk you will be greatly enjoying the gameplay while fantasizing about the battlefield.
    Fee: It is one of the free Android games that you do not need material fees to play it.

What’s new on Free Fire 1.47.0 Apk ?

  • 1. Clash Squad rank mode – available 04/09 15:00 SGT.
  • 2. Smoke Grenade – now available (Clash Squad only)
  • 3. New Character – Kapella
  • 4. New Weapon – Thompson
  • 5. Motorbike can now support two players.
  • 6. MP5, UMP, and M1887 stats adjustment.
  • 7. Added a setting to reduce the auto pickup delay in game.
  • 8. Players can no longer hide on foliages.
  • 9. Parachuting will now display players’ backpack skin.
  • 10. Free Fire Wonderland event coming soon

Free Fire Apk one of the coolest activity and battling games accessible on the planet, this game is delegated a road war game on the web however the game is fundamentally a fight royale game, which looks to wipe out foes in a huge war zone, and you should utilize every one of the weapons accessible to you and the different battling strategies to slaughter your adversaries, the game is truly pleasant and we prescribe you to download it so as to encounter another sort of solid battling games.

Free Fire 1.47.0 Apk now is one of the most popular games on android and ios devices. In a very small duration it becomes so famous. That of course means that the game has a great gameplay and exciting events.

Download Free Fire apk in ApkFive now and try it, do not miss the opportunity of this experience.

Free fire game for Android is one of the coolest action and fighting games available all over the world, this game is classified among the street war games online, but the game is basically a survival game, through which it seeks to eliminate enemies in the yard A battle full of the last of it with other players and you use all the powerful weapons and various fighting methods available in front of you, as the game is very enjoyable and we recommend downloading it in order to try a new and powerful type of fighting games.

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