Download New Update of Free Fire 1.42.0 for Android and enjoy one of the best Android games. In this game you must collect your weapons and fight your ennemies and try to survive to get the “BOOYAH”.

Free Fire Apk one of the coolest action and fighting games available in the world, this game is classified as a street war game online but the game is basically a battle royale game, which seeks to eliminate enemies in a large battlefield, and you should use all the weapons available to you and the various fighting methods to kill your enemies, the game is very enjoyable and we recommend you to download it in order to experience a new kind of strong fighting games.


Fighting without stop in Free Fire for Android


Adventure and fighting games have become a major part of our lifes so we have provided you one of the strongest fighting games and adventure to live the imagination, you will fight enemies from all sides without escape from the battlefield, And you will get many gifts and rewards if you win the match.


Features of Free Fire 1.42.0:


  • Design accuracy: Free Fire features precise designs and 3D characters.
  • Rewards: After completing each match you will receive a reward.
  • Fun to play: After the download of Free Fire apk you will enjoy greatly during the game and you will be dragged by imagination towards the battlefield.

Whats new on Free Fire:

  • Free Fire World Cup Thrones now appear on all maps!
  • New Character – Hayato
  • New weapon – Katana
  • Andrew has began the construction of launch pads on the map
  • New area in Bermuda – Observatory
  • AN94 Buff
  • VSS Buff
  • Skill Rework – Misha
  • Death race now replaced by Zombie Invasion
  • Lucky Cards have been moved to Death Uprising
  • A giant egg appeared on the spawn island!
  • Events for FF World Cup! (Coming soon)
  • New Mode – Death Uprising (Coming soon)

Download Free Fire apk in ApkFive now and try it, do not miss the opportunity of this experience.