Grayland Apk is another name for the creative studio 1DER Entertainment in the action and adventure genre released for free on Android.

Grayland tells a very dramatic and at the same time informative and interesting story. In this game. Which is a mix of several action styles, adventures and puzzles, you are in the role of a bird that humans took his wife to an unknown location. On the other hand, spatial creatures invade the ground and an incredible battle between human beings and alien creatures occurs.

Now you have to be in the role of this single bird, to find your dear one way to a high-risk trip and cross the long paths. But is this space-invasive invasion likely to help you on this mission or will the situation get worse? Are all humans, like those who hunted and imprisoned that bird, are devilish? In fact, at the beginning of the game, all other creatures are considered an enemy and you can not reassure anyone, but by passing more stages of interesting information about humans that may change your initial view!


With the first deal with the game, you will notice the unique style of its design. Even on the name of this game, you can find that this game has dark and mysterious messages. The overall design and graphics are good and nice. Everything is black and white except for the main character of the game that has different colors.

At the beginning of the game, or whenever you want, you can select the color of your game from the menu. These colors of the main character of the story represent hope and life! This is one of the fascination points of the game, which has given it an interesting fantasy design.

Grayland Update Changes:

  •  Fix interface problem
  •  Added more sections

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