Hay Day 1_46_149 Apk is one of the most popular strategic farming games from the Supercell company for Android. Which gives you an experience of a vibrant rural life.

In Hay day Apk, you are given as a farmer an opportunity to grow a variety of crops such as vegetables, fruits and berries that you can plant your farm, and to grow more products and increase your farm’s income. Equip yourself with the many tools you have. You can easily create a variety of sugar and dairy factories, bakeries, etc. to earn revenue, and to sell more. Which you can put your products in the store or advertise in the newspaper!

You can create a variety of places for the expansion of the farm, for example, to earn income through the sale of eggs, put chickens in it, and cultivate a variety of other animals such as dogs, horses, pigs, sheep, cows and … to make money.

Until your ultimate goal, becoming a typical farmer, is not to miss the game!

Features Of Hay Day 1_46_149 Apk:

  • Producing a variety of delicious food using the natural ingredients available on your farm.
  • Healthy sales by producing all kinds of food from fresh farm and selling for sale in roadside shops.
  • Make money online with friends on Google Plus and Facebook social networks.
  • Build a variety of factories to monetize and expand a farm like a sugar mill or knitting
  • It has a stunning graphics, with its very low volume, with breathtaking sound.
  • Possibility to create a variety of trees to collect fruits and do other things such as painting the building, etc.

Google Play Store 19.4.14 Apk Mod For Android

Hay Day Apk Last Update Features:

  • Our first FARMtastic update of the year is here!
  • • Introducing: Custom Decorations! Make the perfect decoration for your farm and town!
  • • Join us in the all-new Chill Derby. No league promotion or demotion! No competition! Only easy tasks! Experience a more relaxed Derby!
  • • New Bunny Derby: try to catch a bunny with your derby horse for extra rewards
  • • New Wok kitchen and the Fondue pot production machines
  • • Lily, Beetroot and Garlic crops
  • And so much more! Check the inbox message in the game.