Hay Day Pop 0.1348 Apk  is another game from the Hay Day series. The gameplay is very simple, you have a task to perform certain actions by destroying the cubes. To start with, everything is very simple, you don’t even have to think, but in the end the game will evolve, and the levels will get more difficult. In this case, pump your level and open new stages. As a result, you will get rewards that you will spend on improving your farm.

Your farm looks very similar to Hay Day Apk. Almost all of the elements and layouts are copied from the game of the same name. For the time being, I still don’t understand what the farm will do, whether that will affect game development. For this, I will dive into this world and try to develop my account.

In terms of structure, and especially the characterization, in the Heydap version, there are still many of the same characters and animals seen in the franchise from the beginning. But the main difference with Hay Day is that Hay Day Pop 0.1348 is made in a puzzle style. Simply put, although the overall game looks a lot like the original, this time the first genre is a puzzle game, unlike Hey, which was released in Kojoal style. But there are also the usual elements of management in the game, such as the former, which have a new approach and approach.

However, SuperCell has released this game in the style of the so-called POP titles, which are made in the style of puzzle games and quirky games. In fact, it should be said that this game is a management title of the type of agriculture and … that you have to solve the puzzle to do these things!

Hay Day Pop 0.1348 APK Features:

  • Exemplary graphics, very beautiful and colorful
  • Lovely and fancy designs
  • Playable at 60 frames per second and experience a smooth and dynamic gameplay
  • Fun gameplay and a mix of management, puzzle and fun styles
  • Made from original title (Hay Day)
  • There are some popular characters in this series
  • Thousands of challenging and challenging puzzle-type puzzle stages with a new and different style
  • There are dozens of achievement types and points items
  • Possibility to build, manage and expand a family farm
  • Possibility to plant and cultivate plants
  • Ability to raise pets
  • Full customizable farm customization with a variety of items
  • There are so many secret prizes and achievements on the map
  • Able to play with friends and other online players
  • There are all sorts of fun events like fishing, circuses and many more
  • Multiple graphics optimizations for perfect game play

Hay Day Pop 0.1348 Apk is designed in a new and special way and will entertain you for a long time! In this game you can start from a small garden and turn your farm into a large and beautiful farm! Do not forget that in order to advance in this game you have to solve the puzzle puzzles that have different mechanisms than the usual puzzle.

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