Kingdom Defense 2: Empire Warriors 1.4.1 Apk is a fun strategy game followed by Kingdom Defense: Hero Legend TD. You can download this greatly game now from our fastest servers on ApkFive.

In Kingdom Defense 2: Empire Warriors you have to protect your kingdom from the onslaught of large groups of monsters and demons and fight off enemies using various forces and dedicated warriors.

Your enemies will move from this direction and from your starting point to your territory. You must deploy your troops around this route and strategically and calculatively to attack the enemies as soon as the enemies reach them. When the number of enemies is high or they have more troops, you will have to deploy in the rear so that if the enemy crosses the first line of defense, there is less chance of reaching the endpoint and penetration.

Kingdom Defense 2: Empire Warriors 1.4.1 Apk Features:

In Kingdom Defense 2: Empire Warriors you have to earn points or unlock better troops or upgrade them. In the higher stages, tough challenges await you, and the only way to win them is to have your combat troops well prepared. Your enemies are skeletons, orcs, goblins, wolves, and other evil creatures who will not stop trying to destroy your kingdom. The game also has interesting features such as using items and special forces. For example, you could use an item called meteorite attacks to destroy a group of enemies, or use a resuscitation item to increase the health of your troops.

In the game stage, there are more than 20 stages that you can choose from on a large map. You must have followed the previous steps to open new steps. Aside from this, Kingdom Defense 2: Empire Warriors has several other modes, such as tournament and daily challenges. The game has been downloaded with more than 500,000 downloads and rated for 4.4 out of 5.0 on Google Play.

Kingdom Defense 2: Empire Warriors 1.4.1 New Update Features:

  • Added new ability to donate daily prizes
  • Added the ability to purchase items during the game
  • New items: poison, ground and air support force, storm
  • New bundle added including daily boosters, raid boosters, and heroes’ health boost
  • Bug fixes and various optimizations
  • Fixing the balance and balance of different parts