Last Empire – War Z: Strategy 1.0.301 APK the popular and funny strategy game from IM30.NET, The end of humanity was finally over, and the flood of zombies went to cities and streets and took people’s lives one after the other! You are the leader of a group of survivors and you have to protect yourself and your companions against the zombie attack.
Your enemies or friends can be anywhere in the world; you should be aware from enemies attacks in every moment this could be! And of course they will take all your resources… So you should defeat the enemies and get more money and more control.
Death or human life now depends on you and in your hands because in this world there is a need of the one leader and is you! So proove that ou deserve that and start a new era in human history. In every war; you should do something and make your determination to save humanity.

Features Of Last Empire – War Z: Strategy 1.0.301 APK:

  • Great graphic and sound that will give you a good feeling on the game.
  • Good control.
  • Take a chance to be a leader and get a good experience in that.
  • The battle is getting heated, build your giant weaponry, and destroy your enemies.

Last Empire – War Z: Strategy 1.0.301 Apk Last Update Features:

  1. Ramadan city skin is online!
  2. Fixes
  3. Fixed desert event gold mine cap issues

The game has a good rating on Google Play Store, and ApkFive team gives it 4/5. So don’t miss this chance and download this great strategy game.