Ninja Dash Run 1.3.26 Apk is an exciting and action-oriented title of a fun arcade game developed by the famous Genera Games. Ninja Dash Run, with its spectacular design and animation graphics, has a fun style that allows kids and adults to spend their free time.

This simple game also has a heroic storyline. You play the legendary Najja and Samurai champions in this game. One of the ninjas (The Sushi Ninja) has been kidnapped by the enemy, and it is your job to set foot on a dangerous path, and to save the Sushi Ninja as a risky journey. Your enemies are dangerous and evil monsters that are a great threat to you and other heroes of the game.

Now it’s you who must become a Shinobi warrior by strengthening your Ninja forces. You must destroy them by running and jumping over obstacles or jumping on enemies. You can also destroy your enemies in a Hack n Slash game and take revenge with your special weapon! During the game, Ninja Dash Run travels to different places in Japan and will deal with numerous enemies and monsters. At the end of some of the steps you will have to face big bosses and devils. You can run on the roofs of the house and do acrobatic exercises.

Features Ninja Dash Run 1.3.26 Apk :

  • Two-dimensional fantasy graphics with anime designs
  • A hybrid style of Run and Jump and Hack n Slash games
  • It has 8 different stages and scenarios
  • There are different types of enemies and monsters
  • The presence of dangerous bosses
  • Possibility to select various heroes including Senji, Shiro, Tetsu, Kira, Bonzu, Hana, Akane
  • Travel to different parts of Japan in the era of Samurai
  • Ability to unlock more characters and enhance them
  • Usability and promotion of different weapons
  • Possibility to collect points for use in upgrades
  • Has a convenient and simple control
  • Has an educational section for teaching the game style
  • The use of special forces specializing in ninjas, samurai, runners, and so on
  • Low volume and the ability to run the game offline

Ninja Dash Run 1.3.26 Update Changes:

  •  Improved overall game performance

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