Pocket Troops 1.34.1 can be one of the most famous, beautiful and fun strategy game for Android. The game has released for free on PlayStore and so far over 1 million.

Designed with powerful Unity engines, the game has a strategic and action style, where you have to assemble a squad of 5 different classmates and send them to the battlefield. Each of these small soldiers has special skills, for example one is a sniper and excellent in long range combat and the other is a knife specialist in pitched combat!

Your objective in the online squad game is to fight the opposing squad as far as killing each of your opponent’s soldiers! With every battle you win a Trophy and with the experience and money you can equip your soldiers with more deadly weapons and more skills! If you are interested in strategy games for Android do not miss Pocket Troops.

Pocket Troops 1.34.1 Features:

  • Train your troops and send them to the battlefield
  • 6 different classes of finger soldiers for battle
  • 12 Extremely engaging and engaging stage storytelling
  • Protect your database with various tools + Upgrades and customization
  • Huge range of different weapons to choose from
  • Featuring stunning HD graphics with exciting sound