Standoff 2 0.13.0 Apk is the second version of the stunning, popular and exciting “Dead End” game from Axlebolt Game Studio for tablets and phones running Android for free on Google Play. The first version of the game was introduced long ago on the site and received great acceptance and now it’s the second version!

Standoff 2 0.13.0 ؛ As in the previous version you can participate in the first person shooting battles by choosing one of two different types of tactical and task teams; if you want to become one of the best warriors in the game you must be able to Defeat the enemy; remember that you can use a variety of light and heavy weapons and advance from beginner level to general!

Compete with friends or other users from around the world! The game’s excellent touch controllers let you navigate the main character and with the buttons on either side of the screen you can do the various shooting, jumping, and so on and enjoy one of the most beautiful shooter and shooting games on Android! The game has been upgraded from the first version and includes more content and we recommend it to all lovers of action games, shooting and the famous Counter game!

Standoff 2 0.13.0 Apk  Features:

Standoff 2 0.13.0 Apkhas been downloaded more than 5 million times by Android users around the world and has achieved a good score of 4.4 out of 5.0! General features of the game include shooting in a variety of locations and environments from around the world; battle with friends in multiplayer modes; a wide range of weapons to choose from and use; Performing different tasks ؛ Great soundtrack اور Addictive gameplay ؛ Ability to chat with friends in real life ؛ Includes various maps to choose from and overall good builds! Now you can first see some pictures of the gameplay and finally download it from high speed servers if you wish!

Standoff 2 0.13.0 important notes:

# Game Standoff 2 is online.
## Unlike the first version, Standoff 2 does not require a shredder to run
### The game has been tested by us on several devices and runs smoothly on all of them.
#### Mood Features: Your blood is unlimited and you will never die.

How to install Standoff 2 0.13.0 For Android ?

– Download and install the installation file first.

– Download the data file and unzip it. Copy the com.axlebolt.standoff2 folder to the Android / Obb internal storage path.

– Run the game and have fun!

How to play standoff 2 0.13.0 with a controller?


Standoff 2 0.13.0 new features:

    • Presenting the new update, code-named Project Z9
    • What’s in:
    • – The start of Season 1
    • – A battle pass with unique missions
    • – The special Interception game mode
    • – Zone 9 map has returned in updated form
    • – Big changes to the Province map
    • – Two new weapons: the MP5 submachine gun and the FabM pump shotgun
    • – Two new knives: the Scorpion and Kunai
    • – Three new characters for the attacking team on the Province map
    • – Two new collections and two new sticker packs