Steampunk Tower 2 1.0.6 Apk  is the second installment of the TOO DreamGate studio game series. Which released for free on Google Play. And as always, we decided to introduce it to you for free with a very exculsive mod!

The game was made after the first half received some good feedback from the players. But this time TOO DreamGate has come up with some very creative innovations. That will make the Steampunk Tower 2 game very different and more evolved than the first.

In the first part you were in the role of Lord Bingham who built a tower equipped with a valuable mine to extract valuable materials, which caused him many enemies.

In the second part of the conflict, it has spread to the whole country and even to the foreign borders! Steampunk Tower 2 is set to experience a full-scale war in an industrialized world. This time you are planning to travel to Spain and build and transport defensive towers equipped with different locations in a secret base. That is why you will have fierce battles with enemies in the Steam Punk 2 tower defense game in numerous locations.

Steampunk Tower 2 1.0.6 Features:

Steampunk Tower 2 has made remarkable improvements in all areas since the first episode. The gameplay section is covered with new systems and tools, new forces, new defenses and weapons, as well as new enemies, and unlike the first episode, you are going to battle enemies in different parts of Europe! To do this, a different map is designed in the game that shows your stages and missions. By choosing these missions you have to travel to those countries in Europe and establish an entire military base in Europe!

Steampunk Tower 2 game weapons are more advanced and more capable than the previous generation. On the other hand, your enemies will come to you with more modern warfare tools, which will make the game Stunt Punk 2 Tower Defense a lot of fun for you.

Exciting action and exciting gameplay will keep you entertained for a long time and also invites difficult challenges!

In this game, you can build and use military equipment and components by setting up and developing various factories. You also need to create a unique railroad to transport towers, tools, weapons, and resources.

Steampunk Tower 2 1.0.6 New Update Features:

* There are no changes to Google Play for this release.