Townsmen Premium 1.14.3 Apk Mod is a fun and popular strategy and simulation style game from HandyGames Game Studio for Android operating system for free and with over 10 million players from all over the world. Townsmen Premium 1.14.3 Apk Mod considred as one of the most beautiful and top Android games. Has gained a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 also reflects this fact.

In this game you will be given a very small village that you have to thrive with various tasks of the economy, extract resources from mines to help your village grow, tax people from your village, all kinds of pubs Build markets, markets, decorate your village with beautiful statues, lush gardens and magnificent buildings and create an environment where people will be happy and happy!

Your overall goal in Townsmen is to make the small village of the game a dream city! Yes, you have to make every effort to build a unique and beautiful city so that the village will eventually become a big city.

Townsmen Premium 1.14.3 Apk Features:

  • Having a city-building gameplay in the Middle Ages
  • Entertain the people of the village with their daily routine
  • Includes dozens of different buildings to create by you
  • Includes a variety of scenarios and challenging tasks
  • Full support for Android tablets and smartphones
  • Support for the popular Google Play game services

Townsmen Premium 1.14.3 Apk Mod Features:

– Unlock .Double exp

– Remove game ads

– Fast forward unlock

– A lot of prestige