Vestigium 1.1 Apk a fun and simple game with simple and minimalistic design in the style of puzzle games. This game, published for 1.99$ from Tepes Ovidiu Studio. Apkfive has always decided to buy and publish the game for free. You can download the game now by one click and for free.

In terms of other games and projects made by Tepes Ovidiu, it can be seen that the gaming company has a particular focus on puzzle games, as Vestigium is exactly the same game.

In this game, which has a fascinating story, you have to solve many puzzles. Puzzles that are somehow directly related to math and intelligence.

But the main nature of these puzzles is to challenge your memory! In the game Vestigium you play the role of a girl named Qirie whose gardens are infected by an anonymous poison. To destroy the poisons, he must collect magical water lilies to destroy the spell. To do this, he embarks on an adventure journey to various places to find these flowers.

Vestigium 1.1 Apk New Update Features:

* Release the first version of the game on Google Play.