Wonder Blade 1.0.3 Apk is an arcade action game super cool game from the hit box games. Which is available on Google Play for $ 4.99, and as always we’ve decided to introduce it to you as fastest we can and for free. The Wonder Blade game with a lively Beat’em Up style has come a long way and has come to bring the best of this style to your Android tablet or tablet.

The difficulty level of this game will keep you busy in a different world for hours, and you have to take full advantage of all the steps to go through the stages! Upon entering the game as a knight, you complete a series of missions and steps to get the king’s heart down to get to know the general trend of the game and pass the so-called educational section.

Following the killing of the knights ahead, a brutal knight will come and steal the king’s daughter, and now you are starting your main mission to save his life. There are dozens of special missions in the game that at the start of the game you will lose colorful design and love them. Button and touch controllers on the screen allow you to best navigate the original character.

Features Of Wonder Blade 1.0.3 Apk:

  • Having an incredibly beautiful and engaging story (and of course, stereotyped!)
  • Take advantage of beautiful and spectacular animations and lovely moves
  • Fight a wide range of bosses and knights
  • The availability of dozens of different weapons for use in battles
  • A variety of special skills for characters with upgradeability
  • Availability of several challenges, Achievements and various trophies
  • Good design and build with addictive gameplay.


Wonder Blade 1.0.3 Update Changes:

* Publish the first and official version of the game on Google Play.

How to run Wonder Blade 1.0.3 Apk ?

– Download and install installation file first.

-Download the data file(obb) and unzip it. Copy the com.east2west.wonderblade folder to the Android / obb path of the device’s internal storage.

– Finally, run the game.


If you’re an entertaining gamer, Wonder Blade undoubtedly comes up with a bit of up-to-date amp; it’s worth the download.