Best Battle Royale Games For Android

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Best Battle Royale Games Apk

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In this article we ve intrducted to you a list of 3 battle royale games we advice you to play it, First:

Fortnite Apk:

The most famous game for android Fortnite 8.20.0 APK Battle Royale Is a game of adventures and action, gained millions of players on iPhone devices and then released Fortnite for free on Android devices, you can download it from ApkFive website for free.

The Fortnite style is exactly the same as Free Fire Apk, in which you are in the role of a person who is a collective of 100 people and you have to live alone on an island! With a wide range of weapons, you can defend yourself, take advantage of different vehicles, get shelter in different homes and places, and just try to stay alive and stay the last person by doing different things. That is amazing! If you are an enthusiast and lover of battle royale games, Fortnite best choice for you!

PUBG Mobile APK:

PUBG Mobile apk survival game has a very good graphic as compared to its small size. 90 players on the island, in the game of PUBG Mobile Apk there is only one winner – the last man standing.

In the PUBG MOBILE there is players choose a free starting point, loot arms and supplies to enhance chances of survival in battles. The battlefield is shrinking with time, forcing players to engage each other in a diverse tactical environment, you can also drive vehicles to explore a wide map, hide in the trenches, or become invisible by proning under the grass. Ambush, Sniper, Survival, and there is only one goal: to survive.

Free Fire APK :

Download New Update of Free Fire 1.31.0 for Android and enjoy one of the best Android games. In this game you must collect your weapons and fight your ennemies and try to survive to get the “BOOYAH”.

Free Fire Apk one of the coolest action and fighting games available in the world, this game is classified as a street war game online but the game is basically a battle royale game, which seeks to eliminate enemies in a large battlefield, and you should use all the weapons available to you and the various fighting methods to kill your enemies, the game is very enjoyable and we recommend you to download it in order to experience a new kind of strong fighting games.

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