PUBG, New State is another version of the popular and revolutionary PUBG series, which finally, after months of waiting and many rumors, was finally officially released on 11/11/2021, and its global version is available for everyone.
+Android 4.1

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PUBG, New State is another version of the popular and revolutionary PUBG series, which finally, after months of waiting and many rumors, was finally officially released on 11/11/2021, and its global version is available for everyone.

PUBG: NEW STATE Mod Apk was pre-registered and very limited before its official release, but after the global release date it became publicly available to all players around the world. The Korean studio KRAFTON, Inc. is the maker and the publisher of this game. The game has been under development for more than two years, and its creators have said that the game is going to provide a similar experience to the original version of PUBG, known as PUBG Mobile, with many improvements again for players and fans of Battle Royale style.

Apk Five team has officially reviewed this game at the same time as its release, it has been tested and provided to you for free. So if you are a fan of this game and like millions of other players around the world have diary for this game, stay tuned to Apk Five to take a look at the features of this attractive and highly professional title.

First of all, it is better not to forget that PUBG: NEW STATE Mod Apk is not just a new update, but a game completely independent of the main game, PUBG Mobile. The creators of the game have claimed that in the new version of these games, we are facing a new generation of Battle Royale games.


In this article, we will give you a full review of this game after 2 days of playing..


This version takes place in the future so you live an absolute experience by playing it, where after downloading PUBG: NEW STATE, you will find that the events of the game take place in the year of 2051. In a more precise sense, you will find yourself playing the normal PUBG Mobile game that you are exposed to, but with a futuristic action; And the game events takes place in Troi city. So you will find a different map from PUBG MOBILE maps.

KRAFTON has woven the whole story of that city, where the civil society in PUBG: New State Mod Apk has been divided into fighting factions. From here, chaos reigns throughout the city, and from this point players start their battles with each other.


I can say a lot of details about the game’s graphics, which are second-generation graphics. Krafton used high-lighting technology to make the game’s graphics very realistic on the small screen of smart phones. The game is designed to be compatible with low-cost programming interfaces.

Krafton seeks through PUBG New State to be the most realistic fighting game on smartphone screens. The company strives to provide a realistic combat experience to mobile holders, just like what PC users find. It promises users a combat experience on the open ground completely different from what was previously known. And the game PUBG New State allows you to deal more realistically with the usual elements in the world of PUBG, where you can now shoot fire at the doors of cars and vehicles, and run over the taps installed in the ground in the midst of the flames in order to open the taps and spray water on the fires to extinguish them. Although the developer of the game did not officially disclose the frame rate per second that belongs to the game (screen resolution rate) on the grounds that it is one of the important settings on which the smooth operation of the game depends on the screens, but it promises that the game will run very smoothly On smartphones that meet the requirements of the game, which I will tell you in the coming lines.

Therefore, I expect the game to work at 120 Hz, or possibly 144 Hz, which is the rate supported by a few and limited types of smartphones that run on the Android and IOS systems. But there is a lot of information yet to be released regarding the game’s settings.


In the Pubg: New State Mod Apk, you will find complete sets of modern and traditional weapons as well. There is a lot of talk about stats about weapons such as the recoil rate and so on, and this of course will determine how you handle and use each of the weapons available in the game.

Although the PUBG Mobile game allows you to add a lot of items to the weapon, it does not reach the extent that the Call of Duty game has reached in terms of weapon customization and modification. Speaking of PUBG New State, you will find that each weapon is adjustable. In addition, there are many upcoming updates that allow you to develop your weapon further. These additions will include aesthetic additions and weapon performance additions as well.

4-New Vehicles in PUBG: New State Mod Apk

In this version, there are a group of vehicles that you know in the world of PUBG MOBILE, with the addition of some lights to them that give them a futuristic look. The lights of these vehicles will be dominated by neon blue, with the presence of electric self-driving vehicles. But this does not prevent the availability of that traditional motorbike with an annoying sound. And don’t forget that there are electric cars in the game with high acceleration, but its only drawback is that its battery may run out of power quickly if you stay in the blue area for a short period. You can also carry more heavy and light weapons in the box attached to the car.

Since the events of the game take place in the future, drones will have a big role. The most anticipated role of these drones is the rapid supply of players. Where you can pick up drone reinforcements from the battlefield, to summon them to deliver any item you want. And if you’re in a team, you can collect a lot of these aircraft’s reinforcements and combine them with team members to bring in more and more items.

In return, enemies can monitor the drones in order to determine your location through them. Someone can even get the items you ordered from the plane you called up. This means that you have to devise a precise tactic when you summon those planes to help you on the battlefield. There is also a type of these aircraft that detects many parts of the map in order to determine the locations of the enemies as well.

5-Pubg: New State Apk Maps

There are four maps available in the game once launched. Where there is a map of Troi that was mentioned in the previous lines. It is 8x8km in size and the same size as the Erangel map available in the game as well, and they are the two largest maps in the game. This is a great start to the game, because many players prefer maps with a large area. There are many new and different areas in Troi, which are those areas that combine open spaces with civilized places and places that have been devastated and destroyed.

There are also malls, shops, bridges, bridges and a stadium on the map. There are also more than 10 landmarks scattered throughout the map. As mentioned earlier, the classic Erangel map is included in the game. But it will not be the same features that are found in the regular Buggy, as it will be dominated by the futuristic character that we will see after 30 years. This means that it will be equipped with more debris and rubble left over from the wars during these thirty years.


Version Size Requirements Date - +Android 4.1 29/11/2021


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