Best Strategy Games For Android

9 Apr, 2019 Oussama El-Hajjajy No Comments

Best Strategy Games For Android:

In this article we bring to you the most beautiful strategy games for android, so lets start:

Lords Mobile apk:

Lords Mobile apk: In this game you have to create your own empire in a world full of chaos and build your own military gang with a strange hero collection and get ready to loot other users around the world! HD graphics, very beautiful sound, excellent design and unparalleled animations, bridges and professional equipment, new game in the game, and so on, all have made this game a great welcome, and excellent rating 4.5 It’s up to 5.0 this time, and this is unbeaten by the five million users who have received the game! If you are an Android strategic enthusiast and you like to experience one of the newest and most beautiful Android games, we will offer you the new IGG game that will surely appeal to you and you will not regret downloading it!

Clash of Clans Apk:

The game is very similar to strategic games such as Clash Royale and Boom Beach, especially the first game, where you have to build your small village and develop resources to develop the tribesmen and to rob other tribes or the same level.

Clash of Clans Apk allows you to create your own world where you perform military missions such as training soldiers and attacking other players to get more coins and experience. You can build defense and attack systems to stop enemy attacks. Millions of people plays, and you have to build a strong army in order to attack your enemy and they attack you but you have a strong army to save your village. After downloading the game you will find many wonderful features and additions that the company put in it.

Forge of Empires Apk:

With the Forge of Empires you take on beautiful city control and eventually become the leader of a developing country! Lead your country from time to time, get new technology, expand your empire, and create an epic story. Enter other battles with other players and prove your abilities as a desperate commander and a king! The Forge of Empires game is based on the success story of the same name that was released by InnoGames for the browser in 2012. The Forge of Empires 2013 won the Best Computer Games Award for Browsers in Germany and is now up for Android.

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