Battle of Warships 1.70.4 Apk is a popular and entertaining arcade action and battle game genre from Cube Software Play. Install Battle of Warships on your device. To experience an amazing game of fantastic graphics and martial arts themes!

Battle of Warships is made for you if you are a lover of warriors and battleships. Defeat your fleet with the most anti-bay units of the World War I and II ships and destroy your enemy’s ships! You are the captain and the commander of the cruise ship with artillery and torpedo ships and aircraft carriers!

To win the enemy, you should see what ships you use in your fleet and their strengths and weaknesses; you can also upgrade your fleet to use the enemy’s weaknesses! The option to choose your own fleet of warships from more than 20 premier warships in the first and second world wars, so that you can choose them freely and take advantage of them in the battles!

There is also the possibility of upgrading the warship and installing a variety of weapons on them, which requires collecting money and points!


Features Of Battle of Warships 1.70.4 Apk:

  • Participate in the legendary naval battles.
  • Play wth your friends online or in a single player mode.
  • Command the legendary ships of the first and second world wars.
  • A vast range of warships including aircraft carriers.
  • Addictive gameplay and great graphic.


Battle of Warships 1.70.4 Changes:

* Great update with a series of new features + various optimizations and game fixes.