PUBG, New State is another version of the popular and revolutionary PUBG series, which finally, after months of waiting and many rumors, was finally officially released on 11/11/2021, and its global version is available for everyone.
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Everyone is well aware of the battle royale genre, where you have to fight for survival. You have heard of PUBG MOBILE if you have been in the gaming arsenal for the past few years. Pubg: new state is one of the top-notch battle royale games where you usually fight with other players to become the ultimate survivor champion with your classic fighting skills. The game is not just limited to fighting.  But there are many things to do like driving, making strategies, and many more.


After the massive success of this fantastic game, KRAFTON Inc. came with many sequels and versions. This game is the next-generation battle royale game that offers the next level gameplay where you have to fight with 100 player to have the ultimate domination; So the path isn’t going to be easy.


PUBG, New State is another version of the popular and revolutionary PUBG series, which finally, after months of waiting and many rumors, was finally officially released on 11/11/2021, and its global version is available for everyone.

PUBG: NEW STATE Mod Apk was pre-registered and very limited before its official release, but after the global release date it became publicly available to all players around the world. The Korean studio KRAFTON, Inc. is the maker and the publisher of this game. The game has been under development for more than two years, and its creators have said that the game is going to provide a similar experience to the original version of PUBG, known as PUBG Mobile, with many improvements again for players and fans of Battle Royale style.

First of all, it is better not to forget that PUBG: NEW STATE Mod Apk is not just a new update, but a game completely independent of the main game, PUBG Mobile. The creators of the game have claimed that in the new version of these games, we are facing a new generation of Battle Royale games.


In this article, we will give you a full review of this game after 2 days of playing..

Immersive, next-generation gameplay


A massive, open-world battleground with the next level of character, weapons, route, and much more. Everything you will encounter in this new Pubg: new state mod Apk is unique and different from what you have never seen in any game.  Advanced racing action and thrilling shooting gunplay will give you heroic vibes while playing it.

Pubg new state mod apk


Get your favorite weapons and start shooting your enemy; make sure none of them are left out from your powerful shoot. 100s of enemies are waiting for you to kill, so don’t go into the battlefield unarmed; let’s make the powerful strategy you will execute on the battleground. Train yourself and your squad. Also, don’t forget to pack up all necessary items before shedding for ultimate fights.


Ultra-realistic graphics


The success of any game is majorly dependent on its graphics, which is very accurate for Pubg: new state mod Apk where you will enjoy powerful, realistic pictures. A new virtual world is wearing for you. Get your hand on the game and join the savior fight of a fascinating virtual world. This game succeeded in defining the next-generation graphics for next-generation people.


Easy and smooth User interface


pubg: new state mod apk offers a straightforward and smooth user interface that even a novice can become pro after spending a few minutes in the game. The UI is well-designed systematically and placed efficiently according to gamer needs. You will get all the significant features that you will regularly need throughout your journey on the front screen.


Watch all weapons numbers, healthy packs, maps paths, and much more. Doing the movement is very simplistic where you can move your character in any diction by swiping your finger up, down, and left and right. Additionally, to select an option, press or tap the screen.



Explore new lands and territories


This game is too big and holds various beautiful landscapes scenes, which make users stick like glue with this fantastic game. The game has a virtual new universe where you will join the journey of never-ending exploration of mountains, rivers, cities, and everything. You will encounter everything that you can imagine in real life—the gameplay of the open-world makes its user very passionate and addicted to it.



Pubg: New state has developed many unique mechanics, including dodging, drone calls, and support requests. The theme line of anarchic 2051 will make this game more exciting and thrilling to enjoy. Everything in the game is up to mark that you will not feel bored during the whole gameplay. However, You will need someone to help you in this adventurous journey of Pubg worlds. So to provide you an unfair advantage over all your rivals, we provide you all with Pubg: new state mod Apk.




Pubg: new state mod Apk is modified and an alternate variant of official Pubg: new state in which you will get tons of premium to benefits for free including unlimited money, unlocked levels, fee store, and much that you will eventually explore after having this mod Apk.


You don’t need to worry about rooting; download Pubg: new state mod Apk and enjoy it without rooting. Moreover, everyone is aware that we are one top-notch and legit website in the mod Apk niche, so our mod Apk is fully secure and virus-free.


Usually, there are various modified applications in the market, but the major problem with those modified applications is interrupting ads.  Yes, necessary ads whole enjoying any spoiled our good mood.


However, Our revised application stands very apart compared to those all. Fortunately, our developers have resolved that issue and enabled no ads system in Pubg: new state mod Apk. With this mod Apk, You will not suffer even single ads while playing it online for hours and hours.




Unlimited money –  You don’t need to worry about money having this modified apk because this apk offers you unlimited time to explore and enjoy the game at the same time.


Unlocked levels – Too many levels are locked and you are only able to enjoy them after achieving enough milestones and after completing sufficient missions, however, with this amazing mod apk, you will unlock all levels so choose your level and start your fun.

Headshot hack – you will gain the possibility to shoot enemies automatically to the head.

Premium store – to become the ultimate champion you will need various skills, weapons, and items. But to grab all these resources in a short period you will need to work hard for it. However, if you want to skip hard work and enjoy the unfair advantage of premium stores then download pubg: new state mod apk now and enjoy it.



What’s new on PUBG: NEW STATE mod Apk?

No changes are mentioned [but there is definitely a bug fix and the game has to give a bug fix update for a while to solve its problems completely! Apk Five regularly updates the game quickly, do not worry 😉]


Pubg: new state is one epic survival game in the gaming arena which has millions of user bases with more than 4 star plus ratings across multiple platforms. When you talk about graphics, storyline, gameplay, and user interface, none of the things will disappoint you by their quality performance. Moreover, we are all here with its modified version, which will provide you with many premium benefits for free and an exclusive unfair advantage over all your rivals. So without having any more delay, click on the download Pubg: new state mod apk button and enjoy it.



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