Bridge Constructor 7.2 Apk is a new, extremely exciting and popular game in the style of simulator from the ClockStone STUDIO. The game, which sells for $ 1.99 on PlayStore, has attracted more than 11 million users worldwide.

Bridge Constructor will provide you with all the materials and tools needed to build a bridge. And you have to build a number of bridges with the right use of them in order to successfully pass the vehicles and reach their destinations! You have to prove that you are a master at building bridges across deep valleys, aqueducts and rivers.

Your bridges, on the other hand, must be designed to withstand the daily pressure of all kinds of passenger cars, trucks and heavy tanks! If you are a fan of brain teasers that despite having a wonderful addictive gameplay that can hook you up for hours. You can download the full version of the game from


Features Of Bridge Constructor 7.2 Apk:

  • It has 40 different stages
  • Ability to test built bridges
  • Available in 4 types of wood, steel, cable and concrete pillar materials
  • Play in 5 different locations of city, valley, beach, mountains and hills
  • 3 types of car, truck, tanker to check the stability of the bridge
    Giving you multiple points in each step


Bridge Constructor 7.2 New Update Features:

  • Fix Graphical troubleshooting