Dungeon Break 1.0.7 Apk is the name of an action game – a role-playing game from Taiwan’s Auer Media & Entertainment studio, released for free on Android mobile phones and tablets.

Dungeon Break has an interesting story. In this game you play the role of negative characters who are now going to revolt against their bosses, unlike the usual heroes and heroes! In fact, you are in the role of the characters of the Minions and the grandchildren of the wild and wild masters and are responsible for their actions. Together, these little creatures decide to escape this hard life once and for all.

They battle against their masters and, trying to escape this great black hole, decide to leave this place and escape the masters. This action of the minions will anger the masters.

They send their forces to destroy you to stop the minions and activate traps and traps for the black hole to prevent you from escaping.

Features Of Dungeon Break 1.0.7:

In Dungeon Break you have to escape these deadly black holes by leading these insurgents and destroying enemies and masters one after another. There are hundreds of enemies, traps and traps along the way that will easily destroy you if you neglect. Three-dimensional graphics and fantasy gameplay along with role-playing gameplay from third-party view makes Dungeon Break a dynamic and fun game.

You can use enemies like laser weapons, heavy weapons and shotguns, and even artillery to move enemies into a clash and action game with blood and dirt! Unite with your friends, grab your weapons and try to escape this black hole. Can you overcome the challenges of the game well and tackle dangerous bosses and enemies? To answer these questions you need to download the game and experience it yourself.

Dungeon Break 1.0.7 Apk New Update Features:

* Fixes bugs and game problems.

Dungeon Break is now available in both standard and mod (unlimited money) versions so users can easily download it with one click from Apk Five servers.