First Fishing 1.0.10 Apk is a simulation and sport fishing game that will give you a realistic fishing experience. This game was developed by the famous and creative studio mobirix.

In the First Fishing game you will be fishing with a regular hook as a regular player with the first-person game mod and you will appear right in the role of a fisherman in the game. This game offers unique features in the graphics and especially in the gameplay that you have never seen before!

First Fishing is a real and natural challenge and a unique simulation of fishing where your focus, strength and skills will be tested. Visually, classy fishing is designed to a very interesting level, and its overall graphics, especially its 3D design and modeling, leave little room for discussion. Timing and focus on First Fishing have a huge impact on your success. The game will challenge not only simple and amateur players, but also those familiar to the fan and professional players.

First Fishing 1.0.10 Features:

  • Great graphics with great detail
  • 3D Designs and Modeling
  • Fun HUD first person view gameplay
  • Professional fishing simulator and experience a realistic and different game
  • An interesting and rhythmic combo system
  • There are all kinds of hunts from different fish
  • Radar system for finding large predators like sharks
  • Has an online section to compete with other players
  • Contains the exciting and competitive section of The Master Cup event

First Fishing 1.0.10 New Update Features:

* Improved game system