Mr Bullet – Spy Puzzles 1.12 apk is a fun and creative game from Lion Studios, the creator of creatively-acclaimed games like Weave the Line, Love Balls, Big Big Baller and even popular games.

Of course, there is another game on Google Play called Bullet Master which has exactly the same style of gameplay, but contrary to the opinion of some users that Lion Studios studio imitated Bullet Master and produced Mr Bullet – Spy Puzzles.

Mr. Shooter is such an addictive game that you just have to run it until you have to play several stages in a row! This game is so well made and fun that it can entertain you for hours. The different parts, each with a few tens of steps, make this game unlike its simple appearance and small volume, which will keep you hooked up to your Android device for a long time!

Mr Bullet – Spy Puzzles has come up with a simple idea that cannot be said to be proprietary and has never been seen before. But anyway, with the personalization and expansion of the idea into a special genre, the game has become a standalone and engaging title that, as mentioned, has now become a model for other games.

In this game with very simple but very nice graphics, you play the role of a special agent named Mr. Shooter and have the mission to destroy different creators and enemies in different areas.