Shadow Fight 2 2.5.0 Apk is a very new and exciting game from the Nekki Gaming Studio, the game has more then 500 million users as one of the most popular android games.

In this game you as a combatant should use different weapons and armors on this greatly game. At first, you start your work with the easiest struggles and you have to eliminate the demons every time to advance the levels and bring the experience of the best and most exciting RPG game on your Android.

The style of the game is in tune-up and has a very high and interesting graphics; on the other hand, you and your opponents are in the shadow, and your weapons are also weapons used among the samurai and ninjas! If you are looking for an interesting fighting game with an unparalleled build, no doubt Shadow Fight 2 is catching your eye.

Features Of Shadow Fight 2 2.5.0 Apk:

  • Fighting in a variety of different venues
  • Possibility to destroy future enemies with touch and intuitive controls
  • Travel to six different points of the world to fight the demons
  • Stunning HD graphics with exciting sound
  • Customize your fighter with diverse swords, clothes and armor, and magical powers


Shadow Fight 2 Apk Last Update Features:

  • * Ascension mode disabled—Monk set can be won in raids or bought in the shop
  • * Offers featuring item packs now show savings when you buy them
  • * Explosive Vigor elixir significantly buffed
  • * Guardian set effect significantly buffed
  • * Fixed item icons in player raid profile
  • * Fixed video ad issues
  • * Fixed issues with enchantments
  • * Improved the roulette wheel
  • * Fixed several visual bugs
  • * Improved optimization and protection