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Enter Clash Quest, a new take on a turn-based battle game made by the creators of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale!
March 31, 2021
6.0 and up
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Clash Quest is the first official game released by Supercell Studios in 2021 after Rush Wars failed project. Supercell Studio, which is known for making revolutionary and popular games such as Boom Beach, Brawl Stars, Hay Day, Hay Day Pop, Clash Royale and most popularly Clash of Clans, is one of the most active and successful game companies for Mobile Devices. Competitive gaming and mobile online games was founded in 2010 in Finland. After a long silence, Supercell Studios released a strategy game called Rush Wars in 2019, which we never saw the final version released. The game was released in mid-2019 and lasted only three months in the form of a test game, after which its creators officially announced that the Rush Wars game project was closed for various reasons, including a repetitive style. This caused the audience and fans of the Finnish company to be a little disappointed with its policies, and as a result, the popularity of this studio decreased compared to previous years. To make up for this, the company’s developers redoubled their efforts to build newer games so that they could increase their share of mobile games again.

Download Clash Quest APK for Android Devices:

Clash Quest is the first game in a trilogy (Clash Quest, Clash Mini, Clash Heroes) from the Clash game series that was officially introduced in the first days of April 2021. With the introduction and release of three new games in a row, Supercell has taken a big step in the field of mobile online games competition.

In this article, we intend to introduce the first game of this series, namely Clash Quest. Clash Quest is an interesting combination of Clash Royale game and the unfinished Rush Wars project, which has been developed and designed in the style of turn-based strategy games. The game is available for free, but just like other titles released by Supercell, this game also has in-app payment capabilities.

Clash Quest Story:

The heroes of Clash Quest 0.72 Apk are the same famous characters of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. The story of the game is also related to the heroes who lost their ships due to a storm in an area of ​​the Algerian archipelago and got stuck on these islands. At the same time, other similar groups have suffered from the same problem, and now these islands have become the battlefields of these groups. In order to face the enemies and gain victory, you must fight with appropriate tactics and practical strategies, and manage and upgrade your characters and heroes in the best way. As mentioned, Clash Quest is a turn-based game in which you can take advantage of each character’s various skills, special forces, and spells against enemies, and experience an exciting battle. This beautiful game is completely online and its competitions are followed online. To experience this game, you can first watch the trailer video introducing it, and then download the latest version of this game from the Apk Five!

Another Facts About Clash Quest Apk:

  1. Clash Quest, like other Supercell games, is completely online.
  2. No modded or hacked versions will be released for this game.


Version Size Requirements Date
0.125.83 104M 6.0 and up 31/03/2021