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With more than 80 million active users, "Free Fire" is one of the most popular mobile games on the planet. Discover what the fuss is about in this overview.
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Free Fire, developed by Dots Studio and published by Garena International, is a battle royale game billed as “the ultimate survival shooter.” The game, which was the most downloaded mobile game in 2019, is available for Android smartphones. The game currently has more than 80 million active daily users around the world.

Download Free Fire 1.60.1 Apk

“Free Fire” features 10-minute games where players are placed on a remote island with 49 other players. Each player gets to choose their starting point by aiming their parachute. Once on the island, players can explore a huge map by driving vehicles, hide in the wild or become invisible to other players by proning under rifts or grass. The ultimate goal is to survive by killing off the other players.

Players must obtain weapons, utility items and medical equipment by searching the island and looting other players. Legendary airdrops can provide a leg up on the competition if players can avoid the airstrikes. As the game progresses, the safe zone shrinks, forcing players into confrontations. The last player still alive at the end of the game wins.

Free Fire Mod Apk

“Free Fire 1.60.1 Apk” is primarily a battle royale game, but the developers have included a variety of modes. Classic and Clash Squad are the main modes, while the others are only available on certain days. There are ranked variants of the main modes that match players up against other players of similar skill levels. The best players can win prizes at the end of the season.


Classic is the standard battle royal mode. It features up to 50 players battling it out to see who can be the last one standing.

Clash Squad

This is a versus mode that features two teams of four players. The goal is to defeat the enemy squad. There are seven rounds and the team that wins the most rounds wins the game. Every time a player scores a kill, they earn cash that they can spend on new weapons at the start of the next round.

Rush Hour

Rush Hour is a quick mode. It works like the Classic mode, except the map is smaller and there are only 20 players.

Kill Secured

This is a deathmatch format. Teams win the game by getting more kills than their opponents. Whenever a player dies, they drop a dog tag, which the enemy team can collect to score extra points.


Big-Head is another deathmatch mode. As you might guess, all of the characters in this mode have big heads.

Free Fire 1.60.1 Features


The graphics in “Free Fire” are designed to be realistic and smooth, but prioritize performance on mid to low-end phones over good looks. Along with the easy to use controls, they help provide an immersive survival experience.


Players can choose from one of 32 different characters. Each character has eight memory fragments to unlock that boost character stats or provide unique items. Character types range from rebels to SWAT Commanders, athletes, Samurai warriors and more.


The “Free Fire” map has 13 areas for players to explore. The better players understand the map, the more likely they are to survive.


The weapons in “Free Fire” are rated according to their damage, range, magazine size, movement speed, rate of fire, reload speed, accuracy and armor penetration. There are five classes of weapons available:

  • Launcher
  • LMG
  • SMG
  • Melee
  • AR


“Free Fire Apk” is one of the most popular survival games on a mobile platform. The game took home the prize for “Best Popular Vote” on the Google Play “Best Apps of the Year” list in 2019.

How To Download Free Fire Apk:

The “Free Fire” for Android game download is available from If you’re ready to take your “Free Fire” experience to the next level. Also, you can download Free Fire 1.57.0 Mod Menu Apk!


Version Size Requirements Date
1.100.1 56.05 MB 4.1 01/05/2023
1.81.0 500mb 4.0.3 and up 12/07/2024
1.68.1 500mb 4.0.3 and up 12/07/2024
1.65.1 500mb 4.0.3 and up 12/07/2024
1.64.1 500mb 4.0.3 and up -
1.58.3 500mb 4.0.3 and up -

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