Survivalist: invasion 0.0.266 Apk is Cyprus’s survival style role-playing game modeled by successful games such as Last Day on Earth. This game is offered for free with in-app payment capability. The game, though not of a particular nature and with its storyline and features being mimicked by other titles, is nevertheless a good story line.

You play the role of a veteran soldier traveling by plane to a specific country. But the aircraft is hijacked by a hijacker, and the crash in the cockpit causes one of the aircraft’s engines to crash and crash into the middle of the ocean and land on an unknown island in the heart of the ocean. The main character of the game, after waking up, realizes that almost the majority of the passengers have died. But something more dangerous and scary is waiting for you! It’s an island full of zombies!

After hearing the sound of explosions, the zombies hit the plane and attacked the passengers and destroyed them. Only a few of them remain, including you. Now you have to follow the lead character in the story line and try to find out about the island’s adventures.

Survivalist: invasion 0.0.277 Apk Features:

In Survivalist: Invasion 0.0.266 Apk, you find that a terrorist organization pursues evil objectives by constructing and testing specific viruses on the island. But these tests are out of control and are spreading. It is you who can make the fate of humanity. You are trapped on this island but there is a lot to do. Just like all survival style games, you have to search for resources and collect whatever you find. Then you have to find a weapon to defend yourself against the zombies. You can also upgrade your weapons by using special items. In Survivalist: Invasion, you can also build and expand a shelter and build a safe place for yourself by drawing walls around it.

In general, there are many things to do in this game. Graphically the game is at an acceptable level. The game designs are three-dimensional and like all role-playing games, the gameplay is in third-person mode and above to give you a good view of the environment. If you are looking for a fun and exciting RPG style game and are interested in survival style games, Survivalist: invasion is a good idea for you.

How to install Survivalist: invasion 0.0.277 ?

– Download and install the installation file first.

– Download the data file and unzip it. Copy the com.teslagamesglobal.survivalist folder to the Android / obb path of the device’s internal storage.

– Run the game.