Dirty Revolver


Live an uninterrupted story of revenge in the Wild West!
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Dreambox Visual Communications
November 30, 2020
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Dirty Revolver 2.0 Apk is an incredibly beautiful and exciting action game that is offered for $ 1 by the Turkish studio Dreambox Visual Communications for Android phones and tablets. Dirty Revolver 2.0  apk, also known as Rusty Revolver, is a fully action-packed Wild West-themed shooting game.

In this game, your aiming and shooting skills will be challenged. The shape and image of the game and its characterization and even its graphic design style are adaptations of the popular and revolutionary Red Dead Redemption game series.

Although by no means should we expect a game the size of eighth generation games, the fact is that Dirty Revolver with its unique and attractive structure can fill some of the gaps of such games well in mobile And fill today’s tablets. The game is designed in such a way that players can only aim and shoot. It is not possible to move and move around, and if you need to move, the game character will do it automatically. By default, the player is in cover mode (digging behind an object, wall or obstacle) and as soon as he hits the shoot button, he will get up and shoot.

Live an uninterrupted story of revenge in the Wild West!

During your childhood, Wesley’s men had shot the whole village and killed your mother and your siblings. Your wounded father was only able to save you and left the city and trained you on the mountain for many years. With the death of your father, it’s time for revenge.

Enjoy uninterrupted action with bandits in city, field, and difficult weather conditions with realistic map designs in third person (tps).

What's new

- Fixed UI issues at high resolutions
- Fixed in-app-purchases request
- Fixed an issue with AI getting stuck in trees
- New UI features added
- Mission ending UI has an option to continue to next level
- Indicators added to let players know if they can buy any item without going to inventory page



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