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Facebook Lite also helps you see the latest news and current events around the world. Join your favorite celebrity pages, brands, sites, artists, and sports teams to follow their publications as soon as you use the easy-to-use Facebook app!


With Facebook Lite you can access all Facebook features in a smaller application and less storage space on your computer. Connect with your friends, learn what they’re going through and stay in constant contact with what’s going on.

The application allows you to use Facebook in 2 Mb. This saves you a lot of storage space while maintaining many Facebook features such as adoring people, searching for people, editing your profile and managing your groups.

Do not miss out on the latest news by keeping in touch with your friends and those who care about them, and use Facebook as a personal organizer that allows you to store and share your photos and clips through your Android phone camera. In addition to being so easy, this feature is completely secure because you control your own photos and privacy settings, so you have the ability to choose which photos and sections you choose not to share or want to keep for yourself, or even create a secret album that appears only to the people you choose.

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