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Are you looking for a ninja shadow fight battle game with a blend of ninja warrior and samurai fighting gameplay? Ryuko Rpg is a shadow ninja game packed with five corrupted regions of Kurome, addictive gameplay, epic boss fights, offline battles, and an open world adventure gameplay experience. A last shadow fighter who has returned after twenty years, faces brutal monsters in the lands of feudal Japan in order to find her grandfather.
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Aug 3, 2022
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The internet has given us many amazing things: memes, cat videos, and more than a few ways to waste time. But the most incredible creation of all is the phenomenon of NINJA RYUKO. Ryuko Matoi is one of the most popular characters in anime. You can find her in the series, Kill la Kill and even in a cosplay outfit. People love Ryuko because she’s tough, cool, and fights with a super-cool scissor blade weapon.

Ryuko Apk was created by some fans who wanted to see their favorite characters from Kill la Kill as playable characters in Smash Bros. In this game, you play as Ryuko, who must defeat all opposing enemies to win each level.

We will review how this game works and if it’s worth playing.

Story and Longevity

The game’s story mode is long and deep, which is good news for anyone who enjoys a lengthy plot. You can play this game repeatedly, each time unlocking new characters, abilities, and even different endings. It’s a great way to pass the time when you’re bored or want an excuse not to do something else.

The story itself doesn’t seem special at first glance. It’s just an excuse for Ryuuko Matoi (the main character) to fight through hordes of enemies until she gets home with her father. But there are plenty of twists along the way that keep things interesting throughout all 30+ levels in this mode.

Plus, if you’re someone who likes reading everything instead of skipping through cutscenes, you’ll find yourself going through dialogue faster than most anime fans would be comfortable with!

Ninja Ryuku Apk Gameplay

The gameplay is fun and easy to get into. The game is fast-paced and will keep you on your toes. It’s also suitable for all ages!

There are a lot of different levels, each with its unique challenges. You’ll find yourself switching to other characters as you progress through the ranks to complete specific tasks better. For example, using your speed as Ryuko or Senketsu’s fire powers.


Ryuku 1.0.70 controls are very responsive and easy to use, but they don’t feel like they’re at the expense of gameplay. You can hold the screen with one or two hands if you prefer. You can play with your eyes closed or open, which is excellent! It’s nice to have a game that is not frustrating, and this one certainly isn’t.

The only downside is that if you have big fingers or sausage thumbs, you might have difficulty pressing the right buttons at the right time. (But this also makes it more interesting.)


The graphics are excellent; smooth, clear, and realistic. The art style is like the original animé series. It’s a little cartoony but not too much so that it takes away from the immersion of being Ryuko Matoi or her allies. The characters look as if they were ripped straight from the anime series and placed into this game.


The game has a fantastic soundtrack that fits the mood of each scene. It’s not too loud or annoying, but it adds a lot of excitement to the game. Also, you can choose your music while playing if you want something less intense. (You won’t get a better workout if you listen to dubstep.)

There are plenty of sound effects in this game too! You hear every punch and kick when fighting enemies so well that it feels like you’re there yourself. The downside is that you may wonder why they didn’t include an option where you can turn off those sounds because after two hours straight, you may get tired from all those hits!

Ninja Ryuko Mod Apk

Overall, Ninja Ryuko Mod Apk is a fantastic game that will entertain you for hours. It has a lot of content, including an endless mode and some great boss battles. The graphics are also perfect for a mobile game, and the controls work great when playing on your android phone or tablet.

The only downside is that enemies don’t have much variety. Most have similar designs but slightly different abilities (mainly speed). If this doesn’t bother you, then Ninja Ryuko should be worth your time!

Ninja Ryuko Mod Apk Features

1- MOD 1

Infinite money and gold + receive rewards without seeing ads [in the mod version (infinite money version), after installing and running the game, first go through the training section and close the game. Then reopen the game to activate the mod feature.]

2- MOD 2

Infinite life


Whether you’re a fan of the show or not, Ninja Ryuko Mod Apk is an enjoyable game that offers a simple way to pass the time. The gameplay can sometimes be repetitive and frustrating, but it’s also quick to clear your system when you turn off your phone for bed. It’s worth checking out for its quirky art direction alone. 

If Ninja Ryuko sounds like something up your alley, but you’re not sure how much fun it’ll be in practice, Download it now on! It’s free with ads interspersed between each stage—you only have to pay USD 6 if you want full access without interruptions.



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