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Retrica Pro 7.3.4 Apk is a great and popular application for shooting and adding stunning effects to your images. Released by Venticake Studios. It has been downloaded millions of times by Android users around the world in Google Play and is one of the most downloaded and popular camera category software!

Available for a variety of OS and Android platforms, the software provides you with more than 80 different filters and effects that can be used to create wonderful images or apply them to photos. You can create really different collage photos and videos by combining photos!

With the proprietary filters in the software you can capture stunning photos and enjoy a great shooting software. The software generally includes several sections, the most important of which is the collage, which allows you to shoot the collage and you can capture multiple images in one image!

Retrica Pro 7.3.4 Apk Features:

  • Contains over 80 varied effects to choose from
  • Having a dedicated Self-Timer
  • Build a Photo Booth with 22 different collages
  • Borders option
  • Nice and user friendly interface
  • No annoying ads

Retrica Pro 7.3.4 Apk is currently rated 4.3 out of 5.0 on Google Play, and we are releasing the latest version available for free today at Apkfive. And the version of this app that is available in other websites is the free version of the app that gives you limited features but our version is PRO and paid version with all the features available and you can download it in one click .

Camera 2 API is now used on available devices. The app is optimized for storage and computation speed. Emojis are no longer available in the edit screen. UI is changed to improve the experience.

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