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Instagram Follower and Activity Tracker, Story Analyzer

NEW Feature? You can now search any user from Instagram and zoom their profile picture ?
NEW Feature! You can now find out who visited your profile!

Instagram follower tracker, profile and story analysis tool. You can watch the activities of your friends and celebrities, see who they started following, watch stories anonymously, keep track of your followers, find out people who blocked you, who do not follow you back, who unfollowed you and who deleted likes or comments. You can get a push notification when someone unfollows you and for a lot more features.

Sarman brings the legacy Instagram feature ”Activities” back to you.
Start adding your friends into watch list and see all of their activities such as who they started & stopped following.
Get notified when your friends in the watchlist share a new story.

Watch your friends stories anonymously in Full HD quality.
You can make a search on the list of story viewers for your both active and past stories and see who watched your stories without following you.
You can find out the top viewers of your stories.
You can see the people who never view your stories.
You can keep track of past and active stories by number of views.

Keep track of your:
Followers lost,
Followers gained,
Profile visitors (*It’s not possible to find all of your visitors but the ones we show are real),
Followers that do not follow you back,
Users that you are not following back,
People who blocked you,
Followers who deleted their comments & likes.
Quickly unfollow non-followers.
All of these features are in Sarman!

Keep track of your:
Most Liked Posts,
Besties who like your every post,
Ghost followers who rarely or never like your posts,
Secret fans who don’t follow you but like your posts,
People you’ve liked the most & least
*These features are free only in Sarman!

Keep track of your:
Number of likes per post
Number of comments per post
Total number of likes
Total number of comments
*These features are free only in Sarman!

By providing all these data, Sarman helps you with effectively managing your account and getting more followers on Instagram.


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