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Download Stumble Guys 0.27 Mod Apk (05/2021) and get a wonderful fun gameplay with your friends with mod s like unlocked skins, jump and speed....
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Stumble Guys Mod Apk is the name of an action game that has been published by Kitka Games game development studio for Android devices.

When it comes to choosing a game, there are many factors such as graphic space, gameplay, storyline, and so on. But these days, the online multiplayer mode factor has become one of the most important pillars of games. Without a doubt, good graphics and a strong storyline with satisfying gameplay can be great for a game, but it seems that what sweetens the grass in the goat’s mouth is the online multiplayer mode. The online multiplayer section is becoming more and more popular among gamers, and the new generation of games that can attract gamers in this way quickly become a popular and viral game around the world. Perhaps games like PUBG Mobile and Clash of Clans and more recently Among Us are among these games. As you can see, the reason for the popularity of all these games is only the online multiplayer mode. Knowing that another gamer is playing in another part of the world at the same time and with you will bring you an experience that is not comparable to the experience of playing with artificial intelligence.

Stumble Guys 0.27 Apk is exactly like the games we mentioned earlier, and without a doubt, the experience will be one of your most memorable experiences from a multiplayer online game.

Stumble Guys Gameplay

Referring to the Battle Royale survival games, many people will probably think of the world of guns, violence, and zombies. But in Stumble Guys, it is different. They base the game on the familiar survival scenario. But you will take part in a long Marathon with 59 other opponents, take turns overcoming obstacles, eliminate opponents from the race, tournament code the mini-games, and try to be the last survivor.

First, you need to know that in one match, Stumble Guys will have many challenges. And each stage like that requires different tactics and thinking if you want to overcome it.

Stumble Guys has a diverse map system. Each map corresponds to a type of challenge that you will face. The obstacles and traps are arranged in a dangerous position, if the player is not agile and alert enough, the player is easily returned to the starting line again.

I quite like the maps of this game. When the race starts, the map will be randomly selected by the system. The internal elements are always renewed, so that players do not get bored. Meanwhile, the accidents are constantly happening, making the track more fun than ever.

In fact, there are very few players who only make the race once and successfully finish the race. Most of the people in a hurry are pushed down by a snowball, the camera causes an accident or the slippery slope falls.


Stumble Guys Apk Features:

  • Perhaps the most influencing factor for the player when deciding to choose this game is the graphic element in the game. The game has a nice graphic style. In this genre of battle royale games, wars and gun fights are usually fought to draw attention to the atmosphere of war. But in this game, players will feel a fun and unique atmosphere when they come to the game for fun. 3D game graphics format to give people multi-dimensional gaming experience. The most addicting thing about the game is the character design as it only has an image that is similar to LEGO but not quite. Also, the character movement effect is charming because it is smooth and has a fun style that players can watch. Watching the little characters go through trials the player will really feel the laughter. This also contributed to the success of this game, despite its recent release.
  • Each stage of the game represents a challenge to the players, and if players want to take first place, there are many challenges to overcome. When the levels are over, only a small number of players can afford to complete the game. To complete the game, the player must fulfill the game requirements. The game can end on one of the first points, or you can score more points than your opponent. Challenges usually fall into a single challenge or challenge with your teammates. At some points, the player will be required to find balls to his team or to avoid getting close to the finishing touches.
  • In Stumble Guys you can choose between playing with friends or playing alone to bring more fun. Players can create a room and invite friends to play the game and overcome game difficulties. The game objectives are also divided into many types depending on which player chooses a single or multiplayer game.

People love Stumble Guys MOD APK because it is easy to play and fun. The gameplay of Stumble Guys is simple. A Jelly Bean falls from the sky. And the game starts here. Then, there are up to 60 beans equivalent to 60 players with many colors that will take part in this race. All will take part in each small game screen to find the last survivor.

There will be obstacles that you must overcome on your way to the finish line, such as giant soccer balls or other large objects trying to kick you out of the game. You will win on becoming the last player remaining. They design the races to resemble outdoor field stadium games. Stumble Guys is a mixture of graphics that are cute and jostle. The obstacles look quite funny. Those things make for entertainment for many people sitting in front of a computer screen at night.

According to EuroGamer, many people wanted to play the game on PlayStation. So, they brought it offline for more service. Stumble Guys is also reminiscent of Mario Party and Mario Kart. If you remember these games, try them. You do not have to be a serious gamer with tons of skills to master Stumble Guys. After only an hour of getting acquainted, you will learn the entire operation.

MOD APK version of Stumble Guys

MOD features

Skins Unlocked: All skins in this game are unlocked. You can choose and play for free.

Download Stumble Guys MOD APK for Android

Although Kitka Games is not a popular publisher, but if they keep up the pace, continue to develop quality products like Stumble Guys, in the future they will have a large fan community.

Stumble Guys has an interesting gameplay. You can choose this game as an entertainment tool in your spare time. However, to play online, you need a stable internet connection if you do not want to lose unjustly.


What's new

  • - New map: Lost Temple
  • - New Skins
  • - New variants to all skins
  • - Added Russian & Polish translations
  • - Bug fixes & small improvements


Version Size Requirements Date
0.24 60Mb - -


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