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League of Legends Mod Apk is currently in open beta and is slated to be released sometime in 2021. Players can pre-register for early access to the League of Legend on the Google Play store version The game will also be released on iOS and consoles.

The beta version of the Android LoL game is about a 1 GB download and will run on most mid-range or better Android smartphones. The game has been optimized well for the platform and most players should experience good performance.

League of Legends Mod Apk Overview

Riot Games took their hugely popular skills-and-strats 5v5 MOBA League of Legends Apk and instead of porting it directly to the mobile and console platform, developed a new game built from the ground up for the mobile and console experience. The game features revamped controls, fast-paced play and co-operative multiplayer action.

Players get to choose between three lanes of play. They can take on the role of a marksman or support in the duo lane, cast spells in the middle lane or battle it out as a bruiser in the solo lane. Alternatively, players can forgo the single lane experience and instead go on a monster hunt in the jungle. By defeating monsters, such as Baron Nashor or the Drakes, players can unlock buffs to help their team.

Whichever lane players choose, their goal is to destroy the turrets to reach the Nexus. Once they arrive at the Nexus, they need to destroy the enemy’s base to win the game.

League of Legends Apk Champions

League of Legends: Wild Rift mod apk features more than 40 champions for players to collect and play. Each champion has at least one or two skins available for in-app purchase. The characters are divided amongst low, moderate and high difficulty levels and six different roles, though most champions fit into two classes:

  • Assassins
  • Fighters
  • Mages
  • Marksmen
  • Supports
  • Tanks


The marksman category includes characters such as Jinx, with a “happy-go-shooty” playstyle and a wide array of guns and gadgets. Jinx is all about blowing stuff up.


Representing the mages, we have Lux, a light-bending mage who specializes in snaring enemies, shielding allies and doing a lot of damage, all while maintaining her cheerful attitude.


As an assassin, Zed is perfect for attacking from the shadows and then disappearing. By the time an enemy knows Zed is around, it is already too late.


Blitzcrank is a golem character whose main function is to pull enemy targets into battle. Strategic use of this character can help you get a jump on the competition.


Tanks, such as Camille, serve the role of absorbing damage for the team. Tank characters have basic attacks, but most of their abilities serve defensive functions.


Fighters, such as Graves, are your main physical attackers. They don’t have the high level defense of tanks, but they can do a lot more damage to enemies.

league of legends mod apk

League of Legends Mod Apk Controls and Abilities

All of the champions have special abilities, including one “ultimate ability” that the player must unlock to access. Players earn experience by defeating enemy champions, killing monsters and minions and taking out defensive structures. As players gather experience, their champions will gain new levels, increase their stats and unlock better abilities. Additionally, players can acquire gold to buy stat-boosting items.

User Interface Of League Of Legends: Wild Rift Apk

The League of Legends: Wild Rift Apk UI was designed to exactly mimic the PC client. The gameplay map is extremely high quality and even with the Fog of War, does a good job emulating the gameplay experience of the PC version. However, there are some issues with lack of responsiveness in the character controls. Hopefully, this issue will be resolved by the time the game publically releases and the servers are ramped up to handle a higher player load.


League of Legends: Wild Rift Apk plays similarly to the PC version, but with a few important differences. Because the lanes are mirrored, no matter which side the player is on, the allied base appears at the bottom left of the screen. This is a nice change from the PC version, because it makes the gameplay experience more consistent.

The game includes an auto-targeting system that makes low health champions a priority, but players have the ability to choose specific targets for various commands. The game was intentionally designed to make some champions easier to play than others. For example, some champions, such as Ezreal, require just a single click to automatically target skills. Others, such as Vayne, require players to master the nuances of the targeting system to succeed.


The camera system in “League of Legends: Wild Rift Apk” is usually locked into place with the champion in the center of the screen and can be a chore to manage at times. The camera can be moved, but the controls for camera movement are not as easy to use as they could be. The high-level of camera sensitivity makes it difficult to make small adjustments.

The ability to look around the map by using the minimap helps compensate for the awkward camera controls; however, because the minimap and movement joystick are on the same side of the screen, it is difficult to use the minimap and move at the same time. Fortunately, the auto pathing works well and takes some of the frustration out of moving around the map.

Oddly, some champions have better camera control built in, which makes these champions easier to play. Riot added a lot of functionality to the camera system, but it could use some tweaking before the public release of the game.

Ranked Matches

Players must reach level 10 before they can participate in ranked matches. The “League of Legends: Wild Rift” ranked matches start with a draft in champion select, just like with the original game. However, there are no bans and no role calls. This can lead to some awkward gameplay situations. However, the game does a good job rewarding players for victories. Overall, the ranked system, which progresses from Iron to Challenger and includes a new division called Emerald, is a very similar experience to the original LoL game, but requires less typing.

Differences Between the PC and Mobile Versions

The hit marks and ranges in “League of Legends: Wild Rift” are noticeably larger than in the original game. This makes using character abilities much more the focus of the game and skill shots are much harder to dodge.

The item system is also different. “Wild Rift” is designed to be a faster paced game than the original. In the mobile version, boots come with active abilities and build into entire items after two upgrades. Doran items do not exist and players receive gold from minions, even when they do not get the last hit. The support gold items are gone, which means support players are heavily reliant on the gold they get from hitting minions to build up their characters.

The mobile version of the game currently offers 42 champions, which is a small amount compared to the 151 characters available in the PC version; however, more characters are expected to be released as the game progresses.

Final Impressions

Compared to other popular mobile MOBA games, “League of Legends: Wild Rift” is a cut above. Even platform standards, such as “Mobile Legends” and “Arena of Valor” don’t quite match up.

The character skills, hit marks and ranges could use a bit of tweaking to balance gameplay between strategic movement and the use of character skills. Additionally, the camera system could use some work to make it easier to operate on mobile screens.

The graphics are slick with a mostly smooth frame rate. However, many of the characters and skins are a bit too similar looking.

The ability to use most of the champions in PvP matches gives players the chance to practice before committing to a particular champion. The game does a good job of teaching players how to play the game, before throwing them into matches with real people, which helps make it less intimidating for players who are new to the genre.

While the game has its flaws, there’s a lot of be excited about with the mobile release of “League of Legends: Wild Rift Apk.” You can download the League of Legends Wild Rift APK from apkfive.com with last Update version

Whats New On League Of legends: Wild Rift Apk version

Wild Rift’s first major release after Open Beta brings with it new champs, fixed joystick controls, and a farewell to Cooldown Reduction.

How To Install League Of Legends: Wild Rift in Apk?

– First download and install the installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the com.riotgames.league.wildrift folder to the Android / obb path of the device’s internal storage.

– Run the game.


  • The game is completely online and can not be run without the Internet.
  • Except for the main data downloaded with the game, you need to receive additional information from inside the game.
  • To connect to game servers, you must first change your IP.
  • No mod or hacked version is available for this game.


Version Size Requirements Date 79Mb +Android 4.0 08/12/2020


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