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Sunista 9 is the most advanced Instagram app with a set of stunning features from an Iranian team for Android, which is offered completely free of charge and has been able to achieve great popularity among users. As mentioned, this app has features and capabilities that you will not find in the original type of Instagram!
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Ability to select emojis (ios, facebook, twitter)
Delete suggested posts at the end of posts
Direct ghost mode (read messages without snoozing)
Ghost mode in the story (see stories without being screened)
Live spirit mode (participate in the live, without the live host and live users being notified of your presence)
Dark theme (night mode)
Implement the ability to story songs on the phone in the form of professional video clips with the formats of birth, happy, sad and…
Ability to move video back and forth
Full IGTV viewing capability in the post
Ability to hide forward messages
Ability to secretly animate text in story making
Enable the ability to hide the highlight pin
Enable hidden video cropping capability in story making
Enable the secret view feature when the message is being synced
Activate the secret capability of registering for each message in the chat by holding your finger on the message
Enable secret chat feature (reply)
Activate the secret part of making a story professionally (edit time, cut, adjust speed, insert music without the need for a filter breaker)
Ability to set a password
Ability to adjust entry with fingerprint
Anfalwyab (find out who anfalw you)
Show Anfaloo and Follow status
Download post photos with text
Download video post along with text
Download multiple posts with text
Download profile photo
Copy post text
Copy user comments
Ability to republish posts with text, photos and video
Play video posts in the phone’s built-in player
Open photo posts in the App Gallery app
Download IGTV videos with text
Play IGTV videos in the phone’s built-in player
Ability to download photos, videos and live views
Ability to download disposable photos and videos directly, without opening them
Ability to set custom photo for direct background
Download professional manager with the ability to search, categorize and display the text of downloaded posts
Ability to enlarge profile picture in HD quality
Download stories (videos and photos)
Zoom in on users’ profile pictures in the comments
Prevent video stories from playing automatically
Avoid auto-displaying the next story
Ability to select skins for direct for each person
Show theme option in main Instagram settings
Ability to publish stories made as posts
Ability to insert multiple photos in the story
Ability to send comments directly to others
Ability to select the background color of the story from the color wheel
Prevent videos from playing automatically (Internet usage will be drastically reduced)
Ability to write with beautiful Nasta’liq font in stories
Activate the mute and unmute story button
Enable hidden group story capability
Prevent sending notifications when taking screenshots of direct timed photos
Show notifications for downloads
Enable Insta New Appearance
Activate selfie sticker
Enable sticker and gif sending
Enable sending animated messages
Enable direct online user list display
Activate Vanish Mode (send clear message)
Enable developer settings (at the request of Sanista Professional users)


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