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Telegram for instant messaging such as Whatsapp but better in all details and features.


Telegram works super fast, simple, safe, and completely free. In Telegram, you can create chat groups with up to 100,000 members. You can store everything you share in the cloud – for free.

Why Use Telegram?


Telegram is the world’s fastest messaging application. Different from other messaging systems. Telegram uses decentralized servers around the world to connect people to nearby servers, speeding up messaging.


To make Telegram the world’s most powerful messaging system, we have created a data protocol that ensures that your messages are delivered using the smallest number of bytes. You can deliver messages even when there is a weakness in your mobile network.


Telegram is thus protected from all known security risks in this area.

Linked to the cloud

Telegram provides unlimited storage cloud for all your data – for free. You can access your Telegram messages and media from multiple devices securely. Even if you lose your mobile phone, you will not lose your Telegram data from information, messages, and media.


Telegram protects your privacy and does not allow anyone or organization to access your data at all.

Don’t miss this chance to download this great app !

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