Fortnite 19.01 Apk For Android The Last Update


Fortnite is one of the most popular, familiar and beautiful survival and action style games from Epic Games. Download version 17.00.0 Apk Now!
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Fortnite APK for Android


One of the most popular video games in human history, Fortnite exploded onto the scene a couple of years ago by offering a 100% free Battle Royale experience to players on ANY gaming hardware (a real first in the industry).


Today, hundreds of millions of people still play Fortnite on their PlayStation, their Xbox, on their PC and now even on their mobile phones – though this has gotten little bit harder to do on Android devices in the last month or so.


You see, the folks behind Fortnite 18.30.017882303 (Epic Games) have decided to go toe to toe with Apple and Google when it comes to micro-transactions in their games. As a direct response, both Apple and Google have kicked Fortnite off of their app stores completely.


A lot of gamers are under the impression this means they won’t be able to play Fortnite on their phone, tablet, or Android gaming device anymore, especially since it won’t update through the official Google Play channel.


Thankfully though, with the right Fortnite 19.01 APK for Android devices you won’t have to worry about that!


It’s Time to Drop Into the World’s Most Popular Battle Royale – Fortnite Apk!


Fortnite 19.01 on Android is exactly the same as Fortnite on any other gaming platform, giving you a chance to drop in with up to three of your friends to fight it out against other teams to see who is the last group standing.


Every round, 100 players drop from the “battle bus” into the Fortnite 19.01 Apk map (the second version is currently live) with absolutely nothing but a pickax to harvest materials. They then have to scrounge around for weapons, shields, and other power ups to wage war against any other players that they come across – all while having a chance to build defensive and offensive structures at the same time.


Part third person shooter, part building game, 100% Battle Royale there’s never been anything quite like this in the gaming world before. Fortnite skyrocketed to the top of the gaming charts about a year ago and is still plagued by hundreds of millions of people worldwide today.


Effortless to Download and Install, Just as Easy to Play


The coolest thing about getting your hands on an updated Android APK that contains the latest version of Fortnite is that you won’t be locked out the way that folks going through the Google Play system are.


Some are finding it useful to go through the Samsung App marketplace or the Epic Android marketplace, but nothing beats getting your hands on a legitimate Android APK with the latest version of Fortnite set up and ready to rock and roll straight out of the gate.


A huge advantage of this approach is that you’ll be able to use this Android APK on all of your Android devices, regardless of whether or not you’re running an older phone from Google themselves or the latest flagship from the folks at Samsung – or something else entirely.


These APKs work on Android tablets, too. They even work on Android emulators!


If you’re ready to drop back into the world of Fortnite Apk on your phone or tablet, these are the APK downloads you’ll want to get your hands on ASAP.



Version Size Requirements Date
16.00.0-15685441 - Android 4.0+ -
15.21.0 - Android 4.0+ -
15.20.0 - Android 4.0+ -


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